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Is aerocooler 6 bugging?

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: Asus rog 6 pro
Firmware Version: idk last one?
Rooted or not: no
Frequency of Occurrence: all time
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): armoury create
Asus rog phone 6 pro after a reclaim of rog phone 6 pro and aerocooler 6 The reklamy protocol stated, that aerocooler is deffective and they tried to update firmware and The aerocooler itself by asus reclaim company itself with valid warranty, after some while of working i noticed:
1: aerocooler started to connect, Re connect randomly again
2: even in clever mode my aercoooler just blicks red like crazy
3. Sometimes when i connect aerocooler to my rog it dont even notices that aerocooler is connected
4. When i plug charger to phone/aercooler i still cant use freezing mode
Is that only me or you have issues too, with this i must send aercooler and use warranty for achieving new one

Thanks for all advices

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Version du micrologiciel : idk dernier ?
This is of no relevance, a firmware is numbered precisely, not first, second or last.
Also, "About phone" may be the only function that has never changed place or name since the inception of android

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1 i am whit version .165 and this problem is not only for you asus mist fix it whit update
2 you must abjust the lights settings make some changes and this will fix it
3 this also must be fixed whit update you cant do anything about this
4 the problem there is becouse you maybe use bypass charging so make it to regular charge and this maybe will fix the problem .... Becouse i have the same problem freezing mode cant run continues in bypass charging i start the freezing mode but after few seconds my aeroactive cooler just reconnect whit the phone in default cooling mode about this problem i think bypass charging cant make enough energy for the cooler in freezing mode and the phone also in freezing mode the cooler use a lot of energy before aeroactive cooler i use black shark fun cooler and at his max power the cooler use 1.5 ampers and this is a lot

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I tried running frozen with bypass charging and it worked fine for other 30 minutes while gaming. So it's not a power issue unless you use a different adapter with lower power.

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1 and 3 it's a new mode called USB-ASUS, also applied on ZF9, no device, USB accessory and application escapes it, 9 Firmware updates and no notable improvement
There was a new firmware yesterday, Version WW-32.2810.2209.195
2022/09/30, there is nothing in the notes for USB, that's a good sign, because when they write correction xxx it's usually worse than before for xxx
On the .195 there is Optimized sound experience and Optimized system stability, the Bass should be corrected and therefore normally the midrange or treble broken
For system stability, I let you discover the corrections and new bugs
In the meantime, visit this post and check your charging options

The new Firmware is here, for now there is no feedback, maybe today or tomorrow