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I found what is the error for the camera ASUS ROG PHONE 6 ANDROID 13 FIX IT ASUS PLEASE

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Hello there, i installed an app called Footej Camera 2, the front camera is working good but when i turn on back camera it shows the error that make the back camera to not work! Here is the error message that you need to fix it!

getCameraCharacteristics791: Unable to retrieve camera characteristics for unknown device 1: No such file or directory (-2)


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 This is the screenshot that displays the error 

I would believe it is a compatibility issue, does your camera work normally? 
If yes then this might be something the Footej app devs might want to check.

This is an ongoing problem with the firmware, i have the ROG 6 batman edition and my phone just started this bull**bleep** less than 2 weeks ago.  It started with my main camera glitching and forcing a reboot (which i was able to power off with recovery, let it sit for a few minutes and it would power on just fine) but on the 25th it auto updated to Android 13 forced a factory reset and is now stuck in a boot loop. ASUS has known about the camera issue since the 6 came out ( 1st reported on this forum in Feb) with no solution.