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Downgrade rog 6 to android 12

Star III


I want to downgrade my Rog 6 to older version android 12 bec the new android 13 is making only problem like camera problems if anyone have the old firmware so he can send it to me


I will connect to the topic. In my case all possible options did not help. The camera does not work practically since the upgrade to android 13. The camera panel has interchanged options, macro is photo mode photo mode is macro, etc. Image in each case blurred. Strangely enough the camera on an external photo app works fine.

Star I

Same problem here, it occurred after installed the latest firmware. 

Yes I hope they will fix it soon it's really bad allot of problems 

Me too, very annoying that cannot use the camera normally, i always restart the phone more than 3 times, if you lucky the camera will working normally, but after a few moments later the camera will abnormal again.

Please ASUS fix it ASAP.

Yes really annoying but we have to wait new update from Asus I hope we get it soon