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Asus Rog 6 - How to costumize RGB lights on the back

Star I
hello, i have the asus rog 6 (not the pro) and wanted to ask how i can costumize the RGB light Pannel on the back (i have the Asus Logo with the RGB colours and the "dare to play" on the back). Im running Android 12 and my device isn't rooted. The only time the Pannel turns on and starts to blink is when i have X-Mode on. But i wanna costumize it so it turns on when i recieve a notification, turn on the phone, do certain stuff etc. Or just also change colours etc. How and where can i costumize this ?
Thanks for the help


You can do it by going to armoury crate console and system lights , u can find so many options

Rising Star II
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