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Anyone bricked/EDL/9008 their ROG 6?

Rising Star II
Follow and complain here.

Let ASUS know their bootloader implementation is VERY NOT FRIENDLY to us. I've been modding my Android devices since the Android 2 era and this is the first time I encountered an UNOFFICIALLY UNRECOVERABLE state which is a HORRIBLE experience.

Me? Have played with
Samsung(S5 to S9 and Tab/Odin is a good thing)
XiaomiRedmiPoco(Main device for me today, very modder friendly and robust)
Huawei(Remember when they allow applying for BL unlock?)
Apple(LOL jailbreak from A4 SoC until iPhone X(meantime Samsung S8 looks gorgeous) lost my interest)
And various small brands or exited market big brands(honorable mention Lenovo LePhone C101. My first smart device/Android and received big community support at the good old time)

ASUS. Fix your buggy BL. Fix your policy. Release everything we need to fix OUR DEVICES of OURSELVES. Just ONE step closer to perfect.

Rising Star II
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