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Which firmware/update is better?

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: Rog Phone 5 (tencent converted to WW)
Firmware Version: WW_18.0840.2103.26
Rooted or not: not rooted
Hello guys, I am still running on WW_18.0840.2103.26. 🙃
What is the best version to update to? For "best" I mean best battery life, good temperature without sacrificing game performance and not crashing. I've read positive feedbacks on version .229 and .231, but I wonder what do You guys suggest. Also android 11 or 12 is not important, what I care the most is that everything works best.
Also, I really care a lot about speaker quality.
Also, do I have to install each update one by one or go straight to the newer version?
Thank You in advance for Your time to share your experience.

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You must pass all intermediate versions before the one you decide to stop.
If you are still on .26 you can legitimately think that you have a use without major risk, so Android security updates are not a sufficiently important criterion to have the most recent.
Knowing that, I will stop at the .86 version, all the others are disappointing, the fixes are mostly bugs introduced by previous firmwares, 176 fixes part of .151 and so on.
Versions 151 to 210 are absolute horror
A little better with 229 and 231 but there are still bugs that appeared in 151 (low usb charge and qti) and a temperature limit that affects performance.
In .231 I have 2-3 times a day a complete freeze of an application that calls chromeview to display advertisements
In summary, .86

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@FunBike31 thank You so much for your answer, now it is all clear.
If I want to update to 12, what are the downsides? and what versions after .231 should i install?
Thanks in advance.

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For Android 12 it is better to ask those who have done it (and who have stayed in 12 but there are not many of them), I am staying in 11 for the moment, I would reconsider the question for Android 13, whatever the brand of the devices I've seen in Android 12 the interface doesn't suit me.

The main disadvantage is the loss of time if Android 12 does not suit you, but there is an advantage, because if you return to Android 11, the deletion of apps and data is total, you find a brand new smartphone 🙂

There is no version after .231, it's the latest for Android 11 and I'd be surprised if ASUS released a new one.

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