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Waiting for flashing full ramdump in Asus ROG phone 5

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I would like to bring to your notice another issue Asus induced issue with my Asus Flagship Asus ROG 5 phone. 
  1. Oct 2021 bought Asus ROG 5 256 GB from Flipkart
  2. Wifi stopped working due to Asus Firmware update in Sep 2022 and got the motherboard replaced at service center at zero cost due to warranty.
  3. All firmware updates were blocked on the device and the phone was reverted to Android 11 after I received the phone from the Service centre.
  4. On 19th April 2023 my phone was kept on my work table, it started restarting on its own twice and finally showed "Waiting for Flashing full Ramdump". 

As a first time Asus phone buyer. My opinion is that Asus phones are substandard and consumers should avoid the brand.


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Hello! I have the same problem on the same day 19th april 2023. Did you manage to solve it somehow? Or is there any information about this?  


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También tengo el mismo problema hoy 24May después de tener el cel por casi 1 año y medio, he intentado varias combinaciones con los botones del telef y vuelve a la pantalla de ramdump...cómo se puede solucionar? qué decepción con el ROG 5.

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Community Manager
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