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Update 33.0210.0210.235 - issues with battery usage menu

Star II

Latest update 33.0210.0210.235 for Rog 5s crippled the battery usage menu. SOT is no longer reported and the figures are totally off. For example here the phone thinks I just charged it, but it's been off the charger since morning, with lots of usage today. Chrome usage is way more than 2hrs, but yet this is reported. Any chance to have this fixed in the next update? 


Star II

That's exactly what's happening with my ROG 6 pro on latest build .159

At the moment I'm using the rog 5 with that same build you stated but this phone is acting fine. Man I think that's it for Asus rog s for me this is to random and dumb. Is not a cheap phone 

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Same here with my RoG phone 5. Try not to overuse your phone with this update. Mine got hard brick after this update and needs Motherboard replacement said by the service center technician.