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There is no smoothness in the interface

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Asus rog phone 5 12/256
Can anyone here explain why the developers forgot about how the interface should work, after Android 11 and firmware number 226?
Why can't you make the animation not work as if it were a $100 device in the interface already on 4 or 5 firmware on Android 12?


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.66, .77, .84 = 4 or 5 ????
.84 rating Optimize system stability no performance improvement 🤣

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56,66,77,84 4 ?

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56,66,77,84 4 ?

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.56 if it ever existed is not mainstream 'steady' firmware and is not on Asus public sites
Be impartial, alpha, beta or test firmware cannot be included for bugs, poor performance or crashes.
but hey, in 5, 10 or 15 firmwares it will be the same if I compare with what I blame the latest Android 11 for 1 year and which will therefore never be corrected.

I have not installed A12 but in view of the Rog 5 A12 videos I confirm that I have a better fluidity of the interface with my moto g5s+ which is worth 50€ used or 100€ refurbished😂

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@funspm.6969 Please clear your cache files system-wide and reboot your device in safe mode.
Settings -> Advanced -> Mobile Manager -> Cleanup
Long press the restart button until asked if you want to reboot in safe mode.
If the issue persists in safe mode after clearning your cache files, please consider performing a factory reset of your device. Remember to backup any personal data you wish to keep before resetting your device.