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Thank you post for ROG 5

Star I
I don't know where to post this.. But thank you Asus for having auto call recording feature on ROG 5.

Bought my phone around June 2021. My dad passed away January 2022. Now I'm listening to our phone calls 😞 I'm just happy our phone calls were saved.

1. Video Chat recording.
2. Screen recording with both audio from phone speaker and microphone is recorded. I recorded my messenger video call with my dad (at hospital) and the only audio recorded was from their side. My microphone was not recorded.

Recorded our thank yous, sorries and good byes but can't find it anymore 😞

Rising Star II
take care. treasure everyone

Community Legend III
@paologamboa I am so sorry for your loss.
I am glad that you've been able to find some small solace in these saved phone calls between the two of you. Take care and stay safe.