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ROG Phone 5 Air Trigger Malfunction

Star III

My Air Trigger for ROG Phone 5 is not working again.

Last month if I remember correctly, I upgraded my system software to Android 13, and I just recently found that my air trigger isn't working anymore, and then after a couple of days, you guys (the ASUS Team) deployed an update to us, which the version is 33.0210.0210.229, and bingo, my air triggers are working again. 

And today 15 November 2023, there is a new update version 33.0210.0210.235, and of course, I did that to "Optimized System STaBilitY" which isn't even stable, and guess what? my Air Trigger not functioning again. 

Can you help? or at least I need to roll back the updated version to 33.0210.0210.229.

Thank you


Star II

Just updated to version 33.0210.0210.242... hoping it's fixed but no luck 😅. At this point, I'll just use some emulator to play with my mobile friends.

Star II

Gang im moving to Nubia Redmagic 8 pro 

Rog phone is beyond hopeless for me rn 

Star II

I'm having the same problem after update but I can't downgrade because they removed the firmware off the website!!??? Help 

Star II

I'm having the same problem after I updated to Android 13 air triggers stop working cooler stopped working and VOLTE option gone I been on the phone for weeks trying to get help no luck just a 1500 dollar phone down the drain I'll be moving to Nubia red magic at least they help you... If they would just add the softwares back to the website we wouldn't have to ask for help

Star II

So... Still nothing huh.., I've seen they have put the 33.0210.0210.200 firmware BUT I DON'T trust myself and technicians around me to rollback. Guess I'm stuck with no air triggers lmao, although I already switched to pc gaming.