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ROG 5s Pro - Cannot download Tidal app

Star I
Just bought a new ROG 5s Pro 512Gb and I cannot download Tidal (says not available for this device). Bought this device for the dedicated DAC + 3.5mm headphone jack + storage but can't use Tidal... please help.
Stock, not-rooted with the latest firmware: ROG Phone 5S/5S Pro (ZS676KS) software Image:WW-18.1220.2109.131

Community Legend II
You may bring this up with Tidal: from what I can see on their website their service is not only offered in Hong Kong

I am assuming they are using the Google account to detect which region you are in (but this is just speculation).
We are not blocking Tidal and if you , for example can find Netflix on the play store (and it is available in your region) then its not related to Safetynet either.

Maybe we will have more info from the ZH section of Zentalk users and more insight. I'll keep an eye here as well for developments.

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Ok, you wrote the wrong message, is not compatible it is not says not available for this device.
It is therefore not a country pb nor the limit of 3 devices.

The only real difference and still rare are the 18 GB of Ram, my guess is that the TIDAL check stops at 16 GB and bug beyond.
the ideal would be to test with a non-S Ultimate model
Submit your problem directly to TIDAL support

Star I
Hi, my Google account comes from a region that supports Tidal and I have a valid Tidal subscription. I tried installing older versions of Tidal (v2.46.0.1042.3635) and it works. However I cannot update to latest version (2.47) anymore as it is showing the "this app isn't compatible with your device anymore. Contact the developers for more info." It seems Tidal for some reasons block access to the app from the ROG 5s. Asus team should work with Tidal to resolve this. It is such a shame as I bought this device for the audio.

Community Legend I
I don't think ASUS can do anything, if you have downloaded and tried to install the latest version from apkmirror and the installation fails then it is certain that Asus cannot do anything because Safetynet can only block from the playstore .
There is only the Tidal side or it is wrong and only they can respond and resolve.
In summary, the compatibility can be (non-exausitve)
1) Automatic according to the compilation of the APK and the playstore detects the resources.
2) The application manifest file has prerequisites and the device does not meet them.
3) the device is deliberately excluded from the list of compatible devices even if it fulfills the conditions.
4) There are a few other cases like Root / Non Root detection for publishers that deny the app to be usable on a root device.
Note, I was wrong about the possible cause of the ram, the test can only be done on the available ram, so 18 (-4or -5) is within the standard values)
Contact TIDAL, only they with access to their play console can respond and provide a solution.

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We've verified that Tidal and 2.47.0 version is downloadable and installable on ROG Phone 5s in Europe (where the service is confirmed available).

So far the only conclusion I can give is that your Play account is recognized as being in a region where Tidal then is not offered and perhaps that happened inbetween the time of last update of Tidal and this update of Tidal.

We really cannot debug Google Play accounts, nor Tidal accounts - but as far as we can verify - it works on 5s and there is no indication of "blocking" of ROG Phone 5s devices of any sort from Tidal.