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Rog 5 speaker and camera not working

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Model Name: Rog phone 5

Firmware Version: 33.0210.0210.235 based on Android 13

Rooted or not: not rooted

Frequency of Occurrence:

APP Name & APP Version : camera application version

Me Facing issues with my Rog 5 , upper speaker is not working after June month update patch and now after updating it to lastest update of 33.0210.0210.235 version now the camera application is blacked out, can't use camera in any other applications like Instagram and WhatsApp. There's no service centre in Chennai or around Chennai for Asus mobile service. There is no chance that I buy another Asus mobile or Rog series.


Only thing that I'm gonna do is file a case against Asus on consumer rights and send a legal notice and further steps. @Asus_rog_IN @ASUSIndia #Rogphone5




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I have the exact same issue, 

Firmware Version: 33.0210.0210.235 based on Android 13

Camera app version

The camera app runs but often with a black screen, On the odd occasion when the app does run, it often crashes when switching between the front-facing and rear cams.  On the odd occasion, I have been getting pink lines across my screen when I run the camera app.  I have also completely lost portrait mode.

If I am lucky enough to successfully run the app, the picture quality seems normal, but running the app successfully is probably 30-40% of the time!

I have cleared the camera app's cache and data with little to no improvement, I have also reset my phone to the factory settings twice again with little to no improvement.

I believe the latest software update has something to do with this.

Considering that the phone is a high-end gaming and most certainly not a cheap phone, and it is just over 2 years old, I would have expected more!  I am extremely disappointed with the quality if this turns out to be a hardware issue.  If this is software-related, then Asus should really do something about it, this is a major issue.  Imagine owning a phone in this day and age where running the camera app is hit-and-miss, it'll work if you're lucky!  So frustrating!

Hi, I have the same problem. Have you found a solution yet?

unfortunately no solution yet.

My front facing camera stopped working and the rear camera runs on wide mode all the time, when switching to normal mode it becomes very blurry.

I'm hopiing Asus will do something about it. If not, then I'll get a new phone most certainly NOT an asus!

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I'm sorry to hear about the troubles you're experiencing with your Rog 5. It's disheartening that the upper speaker issue persisted after the June update and that the latest update, 33.0210.0210.235, has now caused the camera application to black out. The absence of a service center in Chennai adds to the frustration. It's unfortunate that these problems have deterred your trust in Asus mobiles and the Rog series. In the context of your mention of WhatsApp, it's crucial for a seamless experience, especially on platforms like gb web WhatsApp. I hope Asus addresses these issues promptly to restore your confidence in their products and enhance your overall user experience...