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ROG 5 BGMI Scop flickering

Star III
Scope flickering while playing
with or without screen guard same issue
Tried sensitivity testing it says no issue
2 month old phone
Requesting Pls get it replaced with new one
tried all solutions


Star III
I think its a hardware issue. I am a PC Gamer and have some knowledge about gaming devices. M Playing BGMI in iPhone 7+ and iPhone XR without any issue. I use old Samsung A7 6Gb Ram 128 GB Storage in same game without any issue. But a fully gaming compatible phone for Gaming with 90fps is facing issues like that. I checked all reviews about this phone before buying. Others device are working gook only M facing same issue. Service center people only checks sensitivity testing and gives it back coz you wont get any problem in testing. Can you help sir pls!!!!!!!

Rising Star II
Can you record the flickering with another phone and post the clip ?

@rStar have you encountered anything as such?

Rising Star II
No @ExodusCODM
I'm a thumb+Gyro player, use ultrasonic trigger for instant crouch/prone.
I also want to see what happens actually? Does it behave like this without any screen protector/tempered glass?

Star III
Like scope goes on and off continiuesly in quick manner. Seems like m tapping in scope. With temper glass or without it same thing happens.