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Keeps losing connection to provider's network

Star I
Would really appreciate some help if anyone has seen this problem before.
Since 9 pm last night I've had this problem.
Most of the time I get no network signal next to a phone on the same network.
Put my some in that phone and it gets the same problem. Get a new sim test I the spare phone and it works fine. Put the new sim in my phone and no network.
I checked with my provider and they have insisted that there is nothing wrong with my account on their end.
I tried resetting the network settings, but no luck.
Some times it will connect. When it does usually only get H, and even when it goes to 5g it takes a good 10 mins to load google home page. Also if it connects it only does so till I perform 1 function then disconnects e.g I can load 1 web page, of I can make 1 phone call. The moment thus function is complete, back to no signal.
I check the APN settings are correct.
Also I just noticed that the system lighting won't come on anymore.
If it makes a difference I get my phone from Singapore, before it was released in Australia and have been using it without issue for quite a while now.

Thanks in advance.

Rising Star II
Most probably another motherboard issue.

Star I

Most probably another motherboard issue.

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That's what I was thinking was just hoping for a different answer, so as a long shot I tired a factory reset, and everything is back to working good as new.