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Is it worth to buy rog 5s in offline stores

I love Asus, but i'm little confused now to buy rog 5s by knowing abt the motherboard issue, hotspot and wifi issue and A12 update issue. Please answer my question, is it worth to buy in offline stores and then that mobile won't give any issues in future??

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The way in your brain is weird, why would you want there to be no problem in the future and why differentiate between offline and online stores.
Rogs shipped from the factory to offline stores do not go through a miraculous circuit, nor do they pass through Lourdes or receive the Pope's blessing.

If you like Asus so much, buy yourself a hundred rog 5s, statistically there is a chance that you have one that does not break down, on the other hand for performance, it is necessary to correct and optimize the software and to this day no one is working on rog 5s, the rare optimizations made by XDA are for rog 5

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