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Game Genie Livestreaming via 3rd-Party App Problem

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Hi. I just want to ask if there is any solution to my livestreaming problem. Currently I bought this Asus ROG Phone 5s and installed a 3rd party livestreaming application named CameraFi Live. Everything is normal whenever I go live playing Mobile Legends, Call of Duty Mobile etc. but my main problems are

1.)  Upon inserting my ROG Delta S wired headphones on my type C ports, my livestream only captures my microphone sound and not the ingame sound. Only my voice could be heard on my streams. I also tried jacking in an earphone to my phone but still to no avail of ingame sounds. ingame and microphone sounds are alright when there is nothing jacked on any ports though the streams audio seem to be groggy and sparse due to environment sounds and to the fact that speakers are near the phone's built in microphone.

2.) Also Game Genie restricts floating app icons such as facebook messenger chat heads and Camera Fi Live's bubble head.

are there any of you who's also experiencing this kind of problem? please help. thank you in advance!


Community Manager
Community Manager
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