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Firmware .176 is Halloween, my Rog Phone 5 is haunted

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: Rog 5 global
Firmware Version: .176
Rooted or not: No
Frequency of Occurrence:
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):
In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.
Firmware .176 is Halloween, my Rog Phone 5 is haunted

- RGB is on for 48 hours with the Off parameter, cannot be turned off even during the night. Now it's finally off and I can turn it on or off.
- A game where the Rog 5 is oversized is ideal with the mini settings to have the longest possible autonomy, FPS is set to dynamic and 30 fps is ideal. it's last three days it runs either in 60 or 77 fps ???, but not in 30, obviously when I'm outside. At home with the by-bass charger it is at 30 fps 😞 and normally it is like that outside too
- Yesterday, for 20 min, there must have been a ghost finger to click in the middle of the screen, the screen was clean and it stopped by itself without even restarting it.
- 3 and 4 days ago, left at 100% batt to play 4h I returned at 35%, yesterday I returned as usual at 65% (same parameter, same route, no update ..)

For the other Bugs, they are unfortunately constant, but it is more reassuring and logical.
a) The sudden change in brightness at random when set to Auto and Locked on Armory Create of course. At least once per game session I end up with a minimum screen brightness (concerns the last 4 firmware)
b) com.qti.slaservice which no longer responds, from firmware .151
c) some 27-30w fast charger which are no longer recognized, since the last Firmware.
There are only bugs with me, obviously it is not significant because I bought the Rog 5 to play and discussed online with the players. Nothing else, no video, no internet, very rare phone, sms, photo
for these functions I have other tel and a Canon 90D for the photo.
The only exception is music, but the absence of an SD card is too penalizing.
Moreover, to the attention of Asus, I am generally disappointed, it is a smartphone from Geek, marketing, but no player, a player does not give a damn about the RGB or the Stadia platform (in current state), FaceBook or Instagram pre-installed.
On the other hand, a fan included as with the Rog3, an SD card for the hardware, a real game and Tswitch would have been more appropriate on a Gamer smartphone. Not to mention the complete absence of accessories such as the base station for the HDMi, keyboard and mouse.

Rising Star II

Roll on the end of Halloween, fed up with ghosts 🙂

Their last of these last 48 hours, yet I fire them every day (End-Start Smartphone)

Loss of Mobile Data, start / stop airplane mode to unlock

Brightness blocked at 100% after passing next to a lamppost, Not fixed in Armory create, system auto brightness, forced to set minimum in manual but returns to 100% in auto in the dark night :(, forced to reboot the phone

Impossible to send an SMS with photo, with the Photo app, with the SMS app, with Messenger, 2 games sessions and messenger in the background. Same games, same programs, same SMS sending which works very well today

Important Battery drain 48 hours ago for 12 hours, Normal today (no update, same games, same brightness, + 2 hours on the same games as 48 hours ago)

When the phone starts up, the phone initialization is reversed, Sign then AFTER the Sim's Pin code?, 3 times during the day yesterday, returned to Normal since this morning, SIM Pin code, then Sign.

Finally, Impossible to launch RR3 this early morning, it had been working for more than a week, it is no longer in Armory Create (which is therefore not in question), but for the umpteenth time, still obliged to reinstall it .

Asus, what do I do, wait until the end of Halloween, I sell it, or I wait for a real stabilization update of the set.

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I didn't face so many issues with my phone actually (by luck?) 
Fyi, I don't play any game at all using armoury crate. Maybe Asus should look into this I guess? Bcoz I found no such wifi hotspot n other unstable issues in Chinese zentalk forum.. why is this happen mostly in India n not other region? Asus use different parts in different region? So many questions in my mind but no explanation from Asus so far.
I bought this phone bcoz it's the best discount I could get two months ago at online sales for flagship spec. I didn't use it for camera, games but only normal browsing, WhatsApp, video n songs (surprisingly sound quality is premium especially with the 3.5mm jack)
I feel so insecure with this phone not knowing when n how will this issues happen to my phone, n I feel that Asus owe us an explanation.
Should I sell it n try another brand with better support n service without procrastination. Any suggestions for other brand comparable with this sound quality? (I listen to mp3 with phone most of the time) Thanks