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Does Android 11 perform better than Android 12?

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I see quite a few posts mentioning bad performance on Android 12. I'm on Android 12 and performance is dismal. I've finished a playthrough of God of War with a constant 60 fps and now I get 30-50.
Does anybody know if android 11 performance is better?

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Have to disagree on the simplification part. It was outrigt wrong.
Even on release the rog performed worse than the other gaming phones.
Many buy the Rog5 as a non gamer, there are a ton that dont care about the performance and only care about the fact it has the 2nd screen, big screen, decent speakers and so on. As long you mention the selling reason aka A12 degraded performance makes you unhappy there is no "passing a problem".
About the App thing, its not unique to the rog phone, infact many manufacturer do that, such as samsung and oneplus. I'm not why you don't seem to know the answer to your own question, it should be pretty obvious. Its clearly due to battery life and people bitching about the phone being to hot when doing basic things like using instagram, snapchat and so on, once again, due to pretty crappy cooling design.

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Proper materials was a simplification, proper thermals would have been a better wording.

I am only unhappy with it after the software updates and corresponding performance loss. Can I return my phone a year after purchase when I found out what the cause of the performance loss was? Could I have months after, when A12 was released? Will I get my money back? Doesn't look very likely...

Selling it is only passing the problem on to another person which I wouldn't do.

The last paragraph is that Genshin Impact, Antutu, Geekbench and other popular games or benchmarking apps have no limitations on prime core usage. Why are some apps allowed full hardware usage and some aren't?

And don't think it's because of thermals, the phone is below 40C, cooler attached, Genshin uses prime core, Aether doesn't.

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You ask yourself this question while the answer has been known since 2013 !!, and since then all manufacturers do the same when it is not the SOC manufacturer himself who includes this thermal unclamping for benchmark software in his BSP such as Mediatek.
Benchmarks on Mobiles are like the automobile, announced +400 Km/h but which you will reach once in your life in special conditions or the top-of-the-range German cars limited to 250 Km/H which you can unleash to run on the circuit .
For games like Gensing Impact, it went through 3 phases, unbridled = death of rog5, restricted (too 30 fps) adjusted to be playable, it's a compromise.
For aethersx2 and emulators in general the problem is specific, even unlocking all the thermals is sure you won't get as good performance or what a more powerful SOC allows than on the devices the team has ( see the unique programmer), the optimizations for Socs, devices and their firmwares are far too specific to be generic. Send your Rog 5 to the programmer and you'll see what he can get out of it 🙂
To be fair you have to recognize that ASUS is a bit strong for the limitation of thermals but it is easily circumvented at your own risk and peril, the real downside is the lack of driver updates, just on the graph it is 5 to 15%.

As an example, here is an excerpt from the unlocking of benchmark software, here Mediatek squarely but the principle is identical for the other SOCs

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