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Consumer lawsuit against ASUS for update 31.0810.1226.128 which stopped the wifi from working

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Anyone else have their wifi not work after an update from ASUS for their ROG 5S phone?
Why do we have to pay for repairs if it is ASUS's fault for pushing an update with known issue?
They will tell you all the bullshit troubleshooting steps like restart/ format, etc. and we have to go to service center who won't even understand the problem and charge for the phone repair + Take weeks to get back. Anyone else facing this issue please contact me, I am getting my lawyer to draft a complaint to consumer court in India and also let's see how we can force them to rectify this. Absolute bad testing team they have.

I had a Lamborghini Asus laptop, motherboard got fried twice, had to wait 1 month for replacement in 2008. I have Asus ROG dual screen laptop right now, its only 1.5 years old and the 'S' key stopped working due to heating issue. It only works when the laptop is hot. Like what shoddy work is that. I am never getting ASUS or recommending expensive ASUS products to anyone ever again.

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motherboard replacement after software update?? good work asus

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motherboard replacement after software update?? good work asus

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Horrible and shoddy service from asus. My phone is being repeatedly repaired and got replaced every part in it and still not working. Have to submit at service centre again tomorrow.Iff it works properly I want to get rid of it by selling off, which I am unable to since its not working properly.

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My device rebooted twice again yesterday. Too much lags in games. I don't even use it as my primary device anymore. Last time i lost so much of data during motherboard replacement.

I still wonder how come a premium is getting so many issues reported and still not being recalled. I hope my device dies before the warranty expires. They didn't gave any warranty extension during previous motherboard replacement too.

I think moderators never reported this to Asus. Just reply or send PM's and go home. Thats what they are doing i guess.

This stupid device needs to be recalled and refunded.

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Stop buying junk? Why are you wondering? You have been warned, same as others, you still purchased it and are still surprised.
If you keep buying and keep paying for repairs. ASUS will keep selling you unreliable garbage because it makes the most money. Look at apple, they make stacks of money because of this strategy.

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This is not the right place or ROG5 buyers to be told not to buy crap, many were ROG 1, 2, 3 users, others from Motherboard and GC and all were satisfied ASUS gear. at the time all the tests were top, no one was suggesting that it was the end of the accessories, the only black point was the fragility (JerryRigEverything), despite its popularity many do not know it, others like me have bought the ROG5 knowingly, knowing that I would never bend it a bit.
Buyers of ROG 6, ROG 6D and ZF9, who have no excuses are those who previously had an ROG5 or ZF8 and journalists testing the new ROGs, glossing over reliability, customer service, lack of functionality, the number of bugs going crecendo and even praising the ecosystem which is limited to the fan and the Kunai.
For my part, as soon as there is a new ROG in test or a New Asus on a ROG, I break them by responding directly to the source.

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Not possible to edit after some time, copy/paste and add new users with Wifi failure.
Bonjour à tous, utilisateurs Rog5 qui ont subi la panne de Wifi en septembre, octobre et novembre.
En attendant de constituer la liste depuis juillet 2021 et ceux de la discussion chinoise, puis ceux tout aussi nombreux parmi les ratés du ROG5 qui ne s'allume plus, SIM, lecteur d'empreintes digitales et déclencheur Air, veulent voir les choses bouger, alors bougez votre cul.
1) Répondre à @Jia à propos de l'efficacité de la faq wifi, a-t-il résolu le problème Wifi 🙂 ou non
2) SIGNEZ cette pétition  ?redirect=faux
Bonjour,  @Ankit Kumar  Prêt à relancer cette pétition, reste à relancer tous les utilisateurs depuis juillet 2021 et tous les chinois qui ont maintenant le même problème, rééditez et communautés importantes
3) Qu'un utilisateur prenne les choses au sérieux, créez une page sur un réseau social comme twitter, facebook  @Devdutt
En bref, arrêtez de vous plaindre individuellement, agissez en groupe, regardez les utilisateurs en baisse juste pendant 3 mois et cela fait 16 mois qu'il y a autant d'utilisateurs en panne chaque mois.
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