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BGMI Lagging

Star III

Hi all my phone is lagging heavy while playing BGMI and processor speed showing is just 1.04.pls help me solve this. I have all recent updates



Rising Star II

Recent Update won't help u. It further reduces the performance.  And If i say honestly it was done deliberately by Asus since Motherboard failure issue occurred.


You need a custom scenario profile  (dynamic one) which make sure cpu runs b/w 845 mhz to 2.50 Ghz.

Last year, around this time, both of us had to send our devices for a mobo change and things have never been the same ever since in terms of the device performance. Lol. Looks like some people are still hopeful that asus will FIX it one day. 

Hi downgraded to Android 11 and playing like smooth.


Nah. No need for that anymore. Already bought an iphone last November. Plus, I've stopped gaming on mobile phone