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Asus ROG Phone 5 - No stable GPS Fix since 12.07.21

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Hi! I'm on the latest firmware; since 12.07.2021, I cannot get a stable GPS Fix on my ROG Phone 5. Right now, I'm standing on the sea-coast; I calibrated my compass once again, I rebooted twice, but it can take about 5-10 minutes to fix, but even after that, it loses fixation, especially when I moving. I cannot use GPS map navigation during car ride anymore, so I have to use my wife's LG Velvet for that.

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87 satellites in view, but phone can connect to only from 2 to 17.

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I have the exact same problem after upgrading software i July, have tried everything no fix, Is it possible to rollback the software. I really need GPS, had all ROG phones since they came out but now in thinking of going back to apple when 13 comes out - this is not good enough for me!

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In the devellopeur options have you been annoyed about
Force full GNSS measurements
If so, deactivate the
on some smartphones in Android 11, these manufacturers (the list is growing every day :)) GPS is partly bug
the supplier of the GPS chipset provided a file "with sample values", they did not put their data in thinking that the file was to be used as is.
Asus, google, motorola, onplus, samsung, sony, vivo, hdm (nokia), LGE
This bug is in
GnssAntennaInfo returns wrong values ​​on all Android 11 devices
I don't know if Rog phone 5 is affected, GNSS is not enabled and GPS works fine (avg snr> 26 indoors 41 fix out of 78) on mine. i have two motorolas and one which has the bug but it does not affect the sensitivity, avg snr of 20.6 on the outside uncovered is very very low, it is as if you are in a forest under the trees or you have an NFC protective case.
or there is an internal connection problem with the GPS antenna.
To be sure go to another well cleared place (other than the seaside) you should have a signal> 40 on the green gps (fixed)
Deleted before the history of google positions.

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I have this problem too and really need functional GPS. Please ASUS do something about it! Thank you