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Asus Rog 5s Air trigger stops working

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I updated to lastest Android 13 the issue still arrives it was working for some time like 3 to 4 minutes and again it stopped this is a software issue kindly do anything or give me my money back so I can change my phone or send me a replacement phone I'm done waiting for you guys to respond like bot when you don't have answers why are you running a cell phone company when you can't resolve the issues . I want a fix or else let's meet in the court.


I'm still having the problem 

one of the thread where i posted the issue, one person told, its coming because connection to the board is disconnecting. So he asked us to inform service centre to put a tape so that connection is not coming out from board. so thinking to try this for last time. lets see. He told he had tried service centre 6 times and then he tried the tape, it worked for him.

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It's software update issue, untill they release an update this issue will not be resolved 

Oh ok. In one of the thread I posted for this problem, got suggestion that to ask service centre to put tape on the connector to the board. i did that today morning. Seems to be working fine as of now. Let's see

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just an update. evenafter workaround its not working. seems to be software issue. are you getting issue with fingerprint as well?