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Android 13 for ROG Phone 5s (ZS676KS)

Star III

My phone arrived today and there's no update for android 13 in settings. Where can i find the firmware to manually update? Asus web site doesn't show any android roms to download. 

My version is attached below.



How to install, recently my phone updated 13 lost voice over calls only works on speaker and front camera. Could you please advise how to update with attached software to my phone.


hello just download the fichier and put it at the racine and then redémarre your phone then the update go on itself nothing left to do just dowload  it put it and redémarre sorry for my bad english use google translation please good luck !!

Hi WillianTavares, actually I got also my Rog 5 and same issue as no update available, stuck on Android 11, I downloaded the update file but I have a question, what is the way to add the file in the roof directory ? Will appreciate if you explain the steps, any issues after upgrading to Android 13 ? 

Thanks in advance.

Just move the compressed file over from the Downloads folder to the internal storage, OUTSIDE of any other folders.

Then reboot your phone, unlock it, wait for a update notification to pop up in the notification bar, then start it. 

Thanks for your fast reply, 

I've tried to move the compressed file from download to root directory but no option to do that at all, even with 3rd party app, I can open root directory but no option to move the file. 

Any advice?