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Air triggers doesn't work

Star II

Model Name: Asus rog phone 5

Firmware Version:31.0810.1226.146

Rooted or not:no

Frequency of Occurrence:The air triggers doesn't work but on safe mode it does work and i already factory reset my phone but same problem.



Star I

got the same problem. tried to delete cache air triggers.. restart and its working.

but happen again. no matter if i delete the data for air triggers. game genie. or even armory crate.

sometimes its working. but couple minutes after that. it doesnt work again.

and now i tried to on off the the air trigger from the top navigation button. its working. but as i predicted its only working for couple minutes.  (already tried factory reset, still happen, and i believe its not because of hardware issues because its still working after those kind of action) 😂

Star I


I had the exact same problem, I clean cache, safe mode, I even factory reset it and still the same.

So I decide to go to setting AGAIN and clean the cache of the air trigger app first, then the armory crate cache and directly restart the phone.

And now it working, waiting to see if later on it will stop working again. But for the moment it working