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Unlocking Bootloader in 2024?

Rising Star I

So yeah, where is the Bootloader unlocker tool?
It has been removed by ASUS last year with no warning whatsoever.

Does anyone have a local copy of it?


Star II

This is terrible for ASUS phone owners. I've been asked to put /e/OS on a ROG Phone 3, and although I managed to find the unlocking app, it does not complete and gives:- an unknown error has occurred may be a connection issue try again later. Trying later does the same thing.

The phone is still on Android 10 and does not offer updates once wifi is switched on.

Has anyone tried EDL mode on a ROG phone?

What about the EDL mode, this sound interesting 

Star II

Emergency Download Mode provided by the qualcom chipset. Basically used by oems to initial load phones and also used by forensic labs to extract filesystem images.

Some phones have a way to reboot into this mode and then, with a software loader for that particular phone supplied by the manufacturer, one can write, format, and manipulate partitions I believe. I've heard of folks using it to restore a bricked phone, for instance.

I'll have more of a dig around for the asus firehose loader (I think that is what it is called). And I haven't worked out how to get the rog 3 into this mode yet. I was hoping someone had already travelled that road and could give me some pointers.

Star I

Did it happen to everyone? I was just wondering about buying this product but now I am confused with such feedback. Does the APK file work?

No it doesn't work