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Touchscreen/ Air trigger 3 issue

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Been using the airtriggers for shooting and aiming in pubg gameplay only. After a while of use.. the Left Air trigger seem to get activated even when touching any other part of the screen( inside game and even when I have quit the game). I have kept airtriggers disabled in the main settings. I have to restart the phone to fix it. Its brand new Rog phone 3. Bought 2 days back. Issue from day 1. Please help.
I have attached a video where I have checked the touch screen response using "touch screen test" app. The dot appears exactly where I had set my Left air trigger in pubg through game genie.

Version: 8gb RAM 128gb 865+ (sold in India)
Firmware: Android 10(up-to-date), not rooted
Have encountered 4-5 times( 2 days of use)


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Update Day 5: issue isn't fixed. Occured once. I noticed when it happened this time the phone was bit hot(43-44c). Sadly my return window has closed and so I have to stick to this problem for the rest of my Rog life. 😞

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it kept happening on my ROG phone 2 as well. Sometimes it would go away, a few days later it'd come back... I'm not even sure if @Gustav_ASUS or @ARP_ASUS ever got my logs. I doubt the issue is hardware, I really really doubt it...
I hope ASUS gets this sorted out.

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@shreepatsitap1 I will suggest you reset your phone first.. as it resolved my touch problems too.

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I have done that also but the issue is persist even after factory reset

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@kangkan I'm sending you instructions via PM on how to log your device.
@Kaimer It has not been forgotten and I hope I can share some more information on the topic soon.