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Since a lot of people keep asking me

Hall of Fame I
Since a lot of people keep asking me like I'm some sort of influencer. The best gaming phone right now is probably the black shark 4 (non pro). Thats the only gaming phone I can recommend as of now, HOWEVER, I strongly suggest you wait for the new releases of the new gaming phones, while realme failed and nubia is trying some weird gimmicky stuff while always providing excellent hardware but rather mediocre software support my eyes are currently at ASUS and Xiaomi (maybe lenovo). ASUS is taking their sweet time and are not releasing instantly like they did on the Rog5 which implies this time quality control might be a huge part. I cannot say anything as I don't actually have any insight, it's simply an educated guess.
So here is my answer, no need to ask me via other medias or private message now. I'll eventually make a youtube video about the new gaming phones once they are out.