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RogPhone3 went dead - Help Please

I charge overnight every night for 4 months after a days use, a week ago plugged it like always, screen went blank and haven't returned since... tried different charger, cables, 10 - 15-30-60 seconds pushing power button, both power and up volume key, etc... plugged it to laptop, desktop, other phone, nothing is happening at all... I'm in Mexico, bought it through eBay, from China...had it for six months with no issues whatsoever, and now this... Asus Mexico says no warranty can be given, because of Chinese model, I don't mind paying, but they have no clue either
Any ideas would be highly appreciated

Hall of Fame I
Do you live in a humid area? Might be that corrosion has caused some sort of short or similair. Whatever the case may be, because you purchased a tencent model means no warranty. If ASUS mexico isnt able to help, maybe ask a local smartphone repair business if they can help.

Zen Master I
Maybe it broke down on you because of the global rom not being that compatible with the Chinese model

Star III
hello friend, try to connect it to the computer if through the dispatcher he sees it as Qualcomm 9008 or something I think the firmware is completely polished, you have a solid brick! try to restore it like a brick or Qualcomm 9008 in more detail here if you have time to work with a computer will help you here link I leave it along this path.

Zen Master III
Well , you are the first case in rog 3 section to have this issue so no one here have any clue to help you other than few possibilities
But this scares the crap out of us who unlocked the devices 😱