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Rog Phone 3 - T-Mobile USA VoLTE compatibility?

Star I
The newly announced Rog Phone 3 seems to have all the available LTE bands to work on T-mobile USA.
There was this news that came in today about t-mo requiring all phones to support t-mobile VoLTE by Jan 2021.
Will ROG phone 3 support VoLTE on T-Mobile USA's network ?

Star I
Lol! Asus will come up with a veru evasive answer saying it might be possible in future it never happened with rog rog2 I don't see it happening with Rog3

Rising Star II
They need to comment on this volte situation with all of their phones I can't buy them if they don't support TMobile VOLTE. The phones are capable Asus just isn't enabling them

Star III
This is the info I need as well. The phone bands listed cover all T-Mobile 5g bands as well (excluding MM-wave but that's not important 99.9% of the time.) but none of that matters if the phone doesn't have universal VOLTE enabled out of the box. @Anders_ASUS

Star III
I'd buy it straight away if it had volte here in Australia I can live without the headphone jack and IP rating no problems but volte is a big one these days otherwise I'll just see out my rog phone 2 until the shutdown of 3g and then consider my options