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rog phone 3 firmware update verification

Star II
Model Name: ROG PHONE 3
Firmware Version: QKQ1.200419.002.WW_Phone-17.0823.2007.32
Rooted or not: Not
Hello, please see the attached image for my phone detail. I bought this at Hong Kong, behind has engraved with "Tencent Games". I am using this in Singapore and I did not receive any firmware update. I notice the latest version version WW-17.0823.2102.143 . please let me know if I can update the new version. thank you and much appreciate =D


Rising Star II
Ur device is blacklisted by asus, so u wont receive any update automaticaly..
U can download update firmware from asus web, store it on root folder, restart ur phone, n wait until there is notification that update firmware detected..

Star III
Once bootloader unlocked, ur device will be blacklisted. Relock bootloader does not remove ur device from blacklist. The only option is manual update.

Star II
Thanks Razgriz and Mrxsin, I have managed to install the firmware. So far so good.

the reason i wanted to this is because my 4g data cellular keep dropping or intermittent.

also after delete and readd APN so far so good.

will keep updated