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[ROG Phone 3] Autorotate not working

Star III

ROG Phone 3
Version WW-17.0823.2008.78
Not rooted
After around 1 hour of use, the orientation sensor appears to go to sleep
Google maps, Chrome, Gallery
I'm having issues with autorotate with my ROG Phone 3. When I have autorotate off, whenever applications like Google Maps detect an orientation change, a little icon appears in the corner for a few seconds where if I tap it, it will manually rotate the screen from portrait to landscape and vice versa.
The orientation sensor appears to go to sleep after a while, so that Google Maps, Chrome, Gallery etc can't seem to detect an orientation change. Games work fine, not sure if it is because they are locked to landscape.
I tested the sensor by going to the calculator app and triggering the diagnostic tool. The G sensor test passed.
Enabling autorotate doesn't work either. After that is enabled, I can't get the launcher to change from portrait to landscape. It doesn't work for Google maps or gallery either. The camera is fine, it is detecting changes, but I think it might be using another sensor for that.
Its really annoying. I usually lock my screen to portrait, however when I use Google Maps, I like it in landscape mode in the car. So with my other phone, S20 Ultra, it works perfectly every time. Autorotation disabled, but when I rotate the screen, the little manual rotation icon comes up and I tap it to rotate.
Is this a known issue? Will this be be fixed soon?

Community Legend III
This is the first I'm hearing of this. I'd like to get a device log from you so our developers can take a closer look,
I'll PM you the details.

Star III
I have sent you the required files.
It would be great if this can be fixed. It is quite annoying, I didn't expect these kinds of issues for a flagship phone.

Rising Star I
I’m having screen rotate issues as well happens to me after playing a game when I finish playing the device is no longer able to auto rotate on the Home Screen even though auto rotate is enabled. It’s like it’s on a timer if I lock the phone and leave it for a few seconds then unlock it it works normal again 🤷‍:male_sign:


Star III
I just tried locking the screen and testing it. Doesn't work for me, still not able to auto-rotate. The only way to fix this temporarily for me is to restart the phone.
Very annoying, I have downloaded an app which forces landscape or portrait now. Definitely didn't expect this from a flagship.