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Rog 3 power button

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My power button feels hard than how it was before, before submission to the service centre the power button was very tactile but now after it reached back to me after the motherboard replacement. Can I know within how many days Asus service centre can fix the power button ?
Due to the improper work of the old service centre my phone was resubmitted twice
1.) Motherboard dead issue where service centre took 30 days.
2.) Back case adhesive wasn't proper where they took another 10 days to fix it now.
3.) Now the power button feels hard after using for a month.
I hardly use my power button as I have been using "Double tap to wake" and "Double tap to sleep" as well as FP, so there's no way it can get hard in just 1 year and 2 months


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It is always advisable to check the phone in service center for few mins before you take it away. If there is any concern you should always let them know so that the service time can be reduced.
Please share your details under PM and I can share the same with the service team.