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My ROG 3 Phone crashed for unknown reason

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I need some assistance as to why my ROG phone 3 crashed for unknown reason. It has been force restarting everytime I plug it into the charger but then it crashed all of a sudden. I was expecting that ROG Asus won't have this issue that is why I bought this phone 3yrs. ago.


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Its secret strategy of ASUS to force people to buy new one. Don't worry it seems like motherboard issue which will cost 40k INR(convert into your currency) and here devs don't give a **bleep** about rog 3 anymore.

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You are right!
For older models of their phone even if it's still working they will just reason out that they have phased it out already. I would not be surprised if I received an answer like this from them.
That's the thing! It still works fine and I was hoping I would still be using it for 2-3more years before changing it but ROG Asus has other plans. It did not even get to the point where it slowed down LOL.

Atleast one benefits of ROG that it didn't get slowed. I would suggest never go to ASUS ROG phone again until you are hardcore gamer. Other brands offer much with same amount.

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Exactly same process for me. Start to restart when plugged few hours ago and now just stuck on to CSC Fastboot mode without any way out...