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I'm having problems with my Kunai 3 and TwinView Dock 3

Star I

The Kunai 3 buttons work just fine in USB mode (the light is solid green), but the RGB light on the left controller does not turn on. The setting in Armoury Crate is enabled, but that doesn't work. The light does not turn on while in the charger either. The controllers also seem to turn off after several minutes when not in use. In the firmware screen, it says both left and right controllers aren't connected despite them working. In the connected devices screen, it shows it's indeed paired though.

The TwinView Dock 3 has the most issues. I get an error message each time I turn on the phone saying ' has stopped working' and then the phone will boot to a factory reset screen. I did factory reset several times and that didn't work. I then tried restarting the phone while the dock was unlocked then turned it on after the phone went to the home screen. This method worked a few times. On occasion, when I turn on the Kunai controllers while in the bumper, the error message will also appear. Sometimes both screens were frozen - I couldn't move either of them.


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Community Manager
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