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Goodbye Asus, Its really a shame.

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Rog 3, Such a great phone with great specs at low price when compared to other flagships.
Phone was released in August and its October now. The display issues keep getting worse with each update.
Display is the Most important part of a Smartphone, If its not good then what is the point of all the other great features. How can customers enjoy the other great features if the display is so bad.
ASUS, Please understand that customers are not beta testers.
What i know and agreed before purchasing this phone :
1.No IP rating.
2.Average Camera
3.Bulky and Heavy device.
4.No wireless charging / Reverse wireless charging.
5.No Headphone jack.
What is did not sign up for :
1.Heavy black crush issues.
2.Heavy Screen Smearing.
3.Most android apps stutters even at 144hz.
4.Display looks so grainy at low brightness in high refresh rates.

Really sad that i had to return this great device and get refund just because of display issues. Asus seem to have no plans to permanently fix the problems. In the name of fixing this display problem, Asus is practically making every Rog 3 user a Beta tester.
This is such a bad experience, In the future i will have to think twice before i purchase any device from Asus.
Goodbye Asus

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According to Phonearena review Asus knows about the display issue:
"Unfortunately, it seems the ultra-high refresh rate panel comes with a price. While the colors of the ROG Phone 3’s screen certainly do look fine — and you have a few color profiles to choose from — it does suffer from a dreaded “crushed blacks” issue. Basically, if you lower the brightness below 50%, darker areas in the scene become very harsh, either going straight to black without a smooth transition or by showing very unpleasant dark-greenish tones.

UPDATE: Asus reached out to clarify that pre-production samples like the one we had for the review here could exhibit display issues, but the company promises that the final units that will be available to consumers "should be comparable to ROG Phone II" in terms of display quality."
But they didn't fixed anything in the final version...

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// I'm closing this thread since it's going too far off topic.