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Android 11 Update and Black Crush Issue still not fixed

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Other phones are looking forward to android 12 and the asus rog phone 3 users even after buying a flagship phone haven't received android 11 update till now. The company released rog 5 less than a year after the launch of rog 3 and it looks like the whole focus is shifted to rog 5. A constant problem with ASUS Phones since I started using them in 2016 but still because of trust and constant assurance from the company regarding software updates I use asus phones, please deliver what you promise to your customers. The black crush issue looks like a permanent problem with the phone which can't be solved, even the first buyer of the phone can detect the problem at first glance but the company rushed the release and didn't solve the problem completely till now and released rog 5 with a better screen quality which should have been there in rog 3 the price being the same.

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Hi drishtantmahajan4059,
For Black crush - Yes there are updates push which helps and optimizes the display, Will it be 100% solved the updates makes it better with each push. The solution I have been giving to all IN customers:
If there is Black crush issue and even after software update and factory reset if doesn't satisfy the performance, Please visit the nearest service center. If any issues do let me know.
For Android 11 it is already under BETA and the stable release is expected soon.