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Android 11 Issue

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: Rog phone 3 variants 12gb ram Global edition.
Firmware Version: 138
Rooted or not: Rooted
Frequency of Occurrence:
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):
In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.
Hye guys.... I hope u can help me or issue this statement to Asus.
First of all sorry for my english.... Not really good in english but i will try my best to describe my problem...
So the problem that i have after i upgrade to android 11
1. Phone will be easily hot while play games.....
2. Phone fps drop heavily while play games... Android 10 no issue about fps drop.....
3. Ram consume A lot.... I know u guys will answer free ram is useless ram but i just to mention in my phone only have 1 game and i already disable most stock apps in my rog phone 3. I have 2 phone rog phone 3 i only use for gaming and another phone which is vivo i use for my daily usage..... So to make it details in my Asus rog phone 3 only have 1 games thats all and ram usage 8gb ram.... When i use android 10 it only in 5.4gb ram usually.
4. I already downgrade to android 10 but the problem Fota service keep which is ota keep downloading android 11 firmware and i cant restart my phone forever... If i restart my phone it will be back to android 11...

5.Im very sad about android 11 update this really make me dissapointed about rog phone 3... I as consumer please help us or help me..... me to issue this problem to Asus officiall... And to solved this problem.... We buy this phone use money and this shows to Asus that we support Asus product but please dont do this it really disappointed.....
I just want be back to android 10 normaly without get any new system update.... Its mean whoever donwngrade their phone to android 10 .... Their automatically will not get any system update from Fota service....
I dont care if android 10 security low than android 11 i dont care if my phone get hack cuz it will never happen... Cuz i only use just like normal person and my a android 7 phone already use 5 years and no one in this world want to hack my phone.... I do really care i just want to play games like before with no issue fps drop... Phone not becomes easily hot... I just want android 10 without received any new update from Fota service...
Please please please.... Im tired about this android 11 update...
Help me regarding Asus rog phone 3


Rising Star II

First thing first , A11 is better than A10 in performance and battery life and theres no doubt in it

second , update to latest .158 firmware via FOTA or via manually upgrading and if i guess correctly than you dont have much data on your device so insist you to backup everybit of data on your device and perform a factory reset on your device which will fix fps drops and overheating , as i live in India,s one of the most hottest places so i whenever i plan genshin my devices reaches 50C easily and i have fps drops but i am not concerned about that becoz game lacks optimizations and also becoz my device overheats becoz of my ambients and not becoz of software bug and i guess you are having same condition as me

dont downgrade to A10 , its also a performance downgrade too , factory reset after updating to latest firmware will fix the issues for you

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Agreed I'm an Indian User Too and on Latest update .158 I don't face any issues regarding heating or FPS drop.
Note after every major Android update a Factory Reset is Much needed.