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Always On Display Notifications?

Star II
It would seem that apart from a few very basic things, the AOD only displays a clock. I just switched from the Pixel 2 XL to the ROG Phone 3 and absolutely love it so far except for this glaring issue. I really miss not being able to just glance at my phone on my nightstand and see if I have new notifications waiting.
Are there any plans to expand the functionality? At minimum, is there any possibility you'd enable support for Google's AOD as it's substantially more featureful?

Star I
I am in the very same situation. I transferred from a Pixel 2 XL to this, love everything, but this basic AOD is killing me.
I also hate how it obnoxiously changes position every few seconds, instead of how the Pixel slowly moves down a few pixel's every minute. It makes me instinctively look at the screen every minute because I see something move.
I am hoping this phone will permanently replace my Pixel, but this AOD feature really is crucial while running my business.

Zen Master III
I came for samsung device and everything is awesome but Always on display really seems useless to me because of lack in features like notification and music control and also we need a automatic shazam (which song is playing) feature in Always on display (i think google pixel have this not sure)

Star II
Meanwhile you can try some 3rd party AOD apps.

Community Legend III
Thank you for your feedback! I'll pass it on to the team.