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Airtel Vowifi INDIA

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I dont know how much time this was posted in this form...
Even after A11 update there is no VoWifi availability on Bharti Airtel India
Is it so hard to enable this feature or is asus not in a mood to do it?
It feels ridiculous when my frnds with phone barely half the price has vowifi suport 🥺🥺

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Hello Asus,
Will I get Vowifi feature for airtel and Vodafone? For my asus 5z in india. MY INFINIX phone has this feature for all three sims, INFINIX phone is just for Rs 7000.
Why do your coustomers need to beg for such basic features?
Do you want to push your customers to ditch the current phone and switch to new one.
I am sure If I opt for new one than I will go with one plus because they have a strong team to provide regular updates for their phone.
My firend is still recieving update for their one plus 6.
I don't have any hope with asus.. this is just a message..

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Betrayal is an understatement!
Asus moderators can declare that we won't get this facility!

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Hi Aravind2020,

There is no update or progress. While the same is under evaluation.

@Ashish14, there is nothing broken that needs to be fixed. It is a feature that needs to be implemented.

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You are saying it is a feature, which in General is available with all the phones. Even the under 10k ones have this feature.
So stop hiding behind the words and as posted above with Screenshots by@gugul get an answer from the lazy Team.
We didn't pay this much amount to be void of a small thing that shouldn't take a year to take care of.