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Zenfone 3 Laser Charging Port Problems

Star I
Model: ZE552KL
Firmware/App Version: 7.1.1
Location: Manila
Frequency of Occurrence: 4 times
Rooted: No
App Name:
Description: My phone wont charge unless i turn it off and plug the charger


Star III
Hi knytmere Do you mean the phone wont charge when it turn on? Did you official charger to charge? If the issue is still not fix please backup phone date and factory reset. In order to exclude caused by software. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Star I
had this issue before, happens if your charging port has ever been worked on or fixed. Best solution is to get a new Charging port, cost just about $4 or so on Aliexpress. Saved me all the stress and now it charges just fine.

Star I
I have this issue after I update Oreo , I did factory Reset. The charger only works when the phone is off pretty annoying. If I want to use the phone while charging first I'll do the following *Turn Off the Phone *Plug the charger *When it charge I'll turn on the phone It will still charge but NOTE: After you remove the charger and replug it back while its on, it won't charge and you need to turn off your phone again. Most of the Philippine users experiencing this after they update to Oreo. we did factory reset but still no luck. please patch it Asus. thanks.

Hi, I have a very similar problem, I just upgraded to Oreo, and the charging is "random". The phone always recognizes the charger but doesn't necessarily charge, any solutions?