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ProArt X670E-CREATOR WIFI 128gb

Star I

Hi all.  one pair of KF556C40BBAK2-64 works fine on ProArt X670E-CREATOR WIFI.  But with two pairs total 128gb it only works on 3600.  It's a shame to use DDR5 which is supposed to be 5600   on 3600. any advice on tweaking something so it will work at least on 4800?


Star I

Hi Silvestro,

I have a very similar problem with my ProArt X670e Creator WiFi. I use GSkill Trident Z5Neo RGB F5-6000J3038F16GX2-TZ5NR). 2 RAM module (32GB combined) work like intended at 4800 and 6000GHz, 4 modules (64GB combined) are downgraded from 4800GHz to 3600. Tested all modules (32GB at a time) with MemTest86+, which could not find a fault.

The other problem I have is that a cold boot usually hangs up at the VGA (white light). Pressing 'Reset' sorts it out. I use the latest BIOS 0805.

This looks like and behaves like an unfinished MOBO!