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How to stop the Phone from shutting down my alarm app and other apps

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Model: ZE552KL
Firmware/App Version: WW_80.30.76.74_20190319
Frequency of Occurrence:
Rooted: No
App Name:
Description: Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom

Hi, I am struggleing with this phone, for some reason it kills off alot of my apps that I want to be running in the back ground all times, like widgets and now my Alarm Clock Xtreme Pro. I have lost an appointment because of this phone... What the hell is wrong on this phone? Can anybody help here plz? This happens even by just turning off my screen ( no memory cleaning or boosting is triggered by me). Thanks.

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Hi mario4email We are sorry to hear that you are having this issue. Does this issue only happen to regular Clock ? Please check setting>battery>battery optimisation>check the app Does it happen every time or sometimes? Thank you:)

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Hi again, I see that the Zen UI and the Asus Smartphone Manager are poorly programmed.... I had to disable the Asus Phone Manager to block it from killing my alarm app ( and other apps). So the solution for this post is to disable this Asus Phone Manager app which is useless and more of a troublesome app then a helpful app... Now I still remain with the ZenUI killing my widgets... Who programmed this ZenUI? Now I understand why the Asus Zenfone PRO M2 is using stock Android now, this ZEN UI is really bad, I guess alot of unsatified customers complained about it... Now the question is Asus going to fix this issue and com with an update for actual ZenUI , or just ignore it because they have alreay taken my 480 euros for it and continue with the most recent phones? I hope that Asus does not disappoint me and say for better preformance there will be no more updates because I am not asking for an update, I am asking for a fix from this bad programming that is on my phone... Please tell me if this can be reported to the progammers and fixed? Thank You.

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Sorry, I think it is named " Power Master " instead of Phone Manager ( I have the phone in Portuguese language). So I have disabled the Power Master app on my phone.