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ASUS TF300T locked bootloader and other Linux distros

Star I

Hey all, I had a TF300T given to me by a friend and its a surprisingly capable machine given its age. However, its bane is its Android 4.2.1 OS which does not support most HTTPS protocol. Its a shame to hear that ASUS’ policy has been to drop most support for these older devices. With its recent actions regarding bootloader unlocking, its looking like I have a very thin chance to have a boot unlocked experience.

Given its been more than 10 years since its release, I’m interested to hear if anyone here has had the opportunity to try out other Linux distros to see what this thing is really capable of with a locked bootloader. Thanks all!



Star II

I have Tf770 t. Almost new and I can't install KatKiss or Linux due to promissed in Q3 of 2023 unlock tool. Still waiting.