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Q-Code 00 - Not Booting

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I have an ASUS X99-M-WS motherboard on a system with the following spec.  It's a custom rig which I built myself and has been working fine since 2016.  About a month ago, it would not fully start or reach BIOS, and then kept restarting.  After a little while of trying, the PSU blew up.  The error code at the time was 00 (not D0 or anything else).  The manual doesn't state an error with that code, so I'm unsure what the issue really is.  I've bought a new PSU, however the error code is still showing 00.  It won't boot and is doing the same thing prior to replacing the PSU.  Please can someone help?  Thank you

  • CPU - Intel Xeon E5-E2690-v3
  • GPU - NVIDIA K600 
  • PSU - Corsair CV550
  • 1x SATA HDD
  • 1x M.2 NVME HDD
  • 1x DVD RW


Hello, @David_L 

If you're facing issues with booting up and encountering Q-CODE 00, it indicates an abnormality in the CPU during the POST process.
Please refer to the instructions in [Motherboard] Common Q-CODE (Error CODE) and Troubleshooting, specifically under "Common Q-CODE of Intel motherboard."
Based on the situation you've described, we recommend reinstalling the CPU or trying a different one for cross-testing.
Additionally, consider updating the BIOS to the latest version, 4001 for the X99-M WS, using USB BIOS Flashback, then clearing CMOS before checking again.

Thank you.