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Rog3 - Help the open source community

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Release some sort of compiled libraries that we can implement in our open source A13 roms so we can still use airtriggers, speakers and such. If you can't release a proper phone after the rog3, then at least let us devs do it for ourselves.

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Come on Asus, this is really important

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If I find time, I might be making a citra with twinview dock support. Just need some API documnetation from ASUS which apparently is asking a lot to hand over a PDF which they handed over to the asphalt team. 😅

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Do you know that Drastic DS is compatible with Twinview dock ? But sadly drastic ds is still an closed source NDS emulator. Maybe you can take a look of it when they decided to open source their project.

But god damnit asus just give us the API documentation. Twinview dock will be much useful if ya'll not deaf.