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Please make rog theme/live wallpaper maker

Rising Star II
Pls make rog theme/live wallpaper maker app for us, so we can make our own theme/live wallpaper with xmode..
U guys did a good job for rog vision, make it customable for us..
But i guess making an app for creating theme/live wallpaper which support xmode isn't hard?

totally agree with this request.
Here in Chile the only option I have is to use free themes (no chance to purchase a theme), and most of the animated ones looks like they were done in 1995 with really awful icon design.
Also there are more games than the horrendous PUBG, and also I believe I'm not the only customer not interested in huge anime b00bs or designs that make me (a 43 yo man) look like a pedophile.

Rising Star II
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