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pay more attention to English forum

Rising Star II
I have good idea for Asus team.
Please pay more attention to what is going on here. If users keeps opening the same topics like "do we get A12 bet on ZF7", maybe it's worth answering?
Another example is on picture.
Looks like you pay more attention to Chinese branch of forum, because almost everywhere I can see replies from ASUS_ users.
It's not a big work, like implementation of new firmware for old phone, so it won't ruin your business model. But user satisfaction will be increased.


Rising Star II
More examples -
Users are asking to fix bugs in "Ideas for next". It shows that users can't solve their problems with regular model forum and have to go here in order to be noticed somehow.

Community Legend II
Zenfone 8, etc - are all inside.

In the past 30days , we've posted several hundreds of comments in the EN sections of the smartphone forums.
In regards to the fingerprint reader - we've addressed the open threads for Zenfone 8 with several posts and also several firmware updates improving the performance - and the latest one rolling out just a few days ago