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[Wireless Router] How to setup Guest Network Pro (SDN) across AiMesh and managed switch?

  1. Check your device, this FAQ is for ExpertWiFi series or selected models with Guest network pro feature
      ASUS ExpertWiFi|Business Network Solutions|ASUS Global
      [Wireless Router] What is guest network pro? How to use it?
  2. Make sure your switch is a managed switch(L2 switch) supports VLAN.
  3. In this example, we will create two SDNs, VLAN 52 as a VPN WiFi, VLAN 53 as a Guest portal.
  4. In this example, we target to setup port 1 as VLAN 52, port 2 as VLAN 53 on all AiMesh Router/Node and switch. Switch LAN port 3 as a management port to access AiMesh management GUI. 
  5. AiMesh node connect to AiMesh router via Ethernet backhaul.     


Connection settings:
  1. AiMesh router LAN 3 connect to switch port 5.
  2. Switch port 4 connect to AiMesh node WAN port.


AiMesh router/Node VLAN settings:
  1. Port 1: Select target SDN(VLAN 52), access mode.
  2. Port 2: Select target SDN(VLAN 53), access mode.
  3. Port 3: Use “All(Default)” mode.


Switch settings:
  port 1: untag 52
  port 2: untag 53
  port 3: untag 1
  port 4, 5: untag 1, tag 52, 53


AiMesh node settings:
  1. Select the node
  2. Select management
  3. Set backhaul connection priority to 1G WAN(or 2.5G WAN) first.

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