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ROG Ally Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents: 



Basic Usage  

  • How do I navigate the initial Windows setup when I turn on the ROG Ally for the first time?     
    There are two ways to navigate the out of box experience setup: 1) you can use the touchscreen to navigate the steps, or 2) use the joystick as a cursor to click through the steps. The right bumper acts as a left click or A button as Enter.


  • How do I enter the ROG Ally’s BIOS configuration?      
    Press the [Power button], then keep pressing or hold the volume button down (-) until the BIOS configuration displays. You can also reboot to the BIOS from Windows by going to Settings > Recovery > Advanced Startup > Restart Now and then choosing Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > UEFI FIrmware Settings from the menu.     


  • Because of the touch screen, a single click opens a folder in File Explorer. How can I change this?       
    Open File Explorer and click the [...] button in the upper-right side of the toolbar, then choose Options. Under Folder Options, select [Double-click to open an item] then [Apply].    


  • How do I open the on-screen keyboard (OSK) if it does not automatically appear while using touchscreen to tap a text box?      
    Hold the M1 or M2 macro buttons and press D-pad ↑ to make the keyboard appear. You can also open the keyboard from Command Center or by tapping the keyboard icon in the bottom-right corner of the Windows taskbar.     


  • How can I use the joysticks and buttons to navigate Windows desktop mode?      
    In Desktop Mode, you can use the right joystick to move the cursor, the right bumper to left click, and the right trigger to right click. You can customize this behavior in Armoury Crate’s settings.


  • Where can I find my screenshots and video capture files?      
    You can find your screenshots and video capture files by pressing the left bumper and selecting “Open file location” in the window that pops up. You’ll be immediately taken to the folder in File Explorer. Or, From the Windows desktop, click on File Explorer and navigate to Home Folder > Videos > Captures. Please refer to Armoury Crate SE Introduction for more information.


  • Can I log in to different game platforms with the ROG Ally?      
    Yes, the ROG Ally supports all major launchers, including but not limited to Xbox Game Pass, Steam, Epic Games Launcher, Ubisoft Connect, the EA App, and GOG Galaxy. Downloaded games will automatically be imported to the Armoury Crate SE Game Library for seamless management. Please refer to Armoury Crate SE Introduction for more information.


  • Does the ROG Ally support external storage?      
    Yes. The ROG Ally is equipped with a UHS-II or backward-compatible micro SD card reader. Users can upgrade their storage capacity via micro SD card, and install games to that storage device.


  • What is the specification of the AC power adapter that comes with the ROG Ally?      
    The AC power adapter is 65W, and the charging cable is 2 meters long.      
    - Input voltage: 100-240Vac       
    - Input frequency: 50-60Hz      
    - Rating output current: 3.25A (65W)      
    - Rating output voltage: 20V


  • Can the ROG Ally support an external -GPU?      
    Yes, the ROG Ally supports the ROG XG Mobile series of eGPUs (GC31S/GC31R/GC32L/GC33Y), but ROG Ally X doesn't support.


  • How can I turn on/off ROG Ally Gyro function?      
    ROG Ally doesn’t  support physical button to turn on/off Gyroscope function. Currently, the Gyroscope function setting need to be matched the game setup , then it depends on whether the game itself directly supports Gyroscope function.


  • Why do I setup the sign-in option of fingerprint recognition, but I can not see the sign-in option while login to Windows OS?   
    Please try to remove your current fingerprint recognition setup, then try to re-setup a new fingerprint recognition.


  •  I’m experiencing crackling audio when playing certain games. How can I fix it?   
    In certain games, running the Ally at low wattages may cause distortion in the audio. This can often be remedied by disabling extra audio effects, like Dolby Atmos. To do so, click the Start menu, open the “Dolby Access” app, and head to Settings > More Settings. Toggle the “Disable all speaker and headphones effects” to Yes. You can also repeat this process for any headphones you have plugged in, if experiencing the issue there.


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Armoury crate SE  

  • How do I navigate the Armoury Crate SE interface?      
    In Armoury Crate SE, please use the left joystick or D-pad to highlight menu items and use the RB and LB bumpers to jump between sections like Game Library, Settings, Content, Media Gallery and User Center. Press the A button to select a menu option and press the B button to go back. Refer to the button functions shown in the lower right corner of Armoury Crate SE for more information.


  • What is the function of the Game Profiles in Command center?     
    If the program in use is listed in the Game Library, Armoury Crate will be activated and enter the corresponding Game Profile, allowing you to quickly set up key combinations. Otherwise, Armoury Crate will enter the Control Mode page.


  • What is the function of the FPS limiter in Command center?      
    Choosing different FPS settings (30, 45, 60, 90 or 120) from this menu sets the maximum framerate. For example, if you choose 30, your games will be run at a maximum of 30 FPS, which can save battery life or offer a more consistent experience in some games.

Please note:

(1) This feature only supports Exclusive Full-screen mode.    
(2) The feature needs to be enabled before game launch.


  • Where is the TDP value (Thermal Design Power) displayed?      
    Clicking the Command Center button will display the TDP value for each operating mode.    


  • What is "Auto" mode in Command Center?     
    "Auto" mode will check which game is currently in focus and automatically choose the correct Control Mode, applying your custom game profile for that game. If you have not set a game profile, but the game exists in your Game Library, the system will apply Gamepad Mode by default. If you are browsing a website, it will switch to desktop mode automatically when moving the right joystick.    


  • If Armoury Crate is uninstalled (and I am unable to use the joystick and buttons on the desktop), How can I operate in Desktop Mode?      
    Armoury Crate is what allows the gamepad to be used as a mouse. If Armoury Crate is uninstalled, the system will only recognize the controller as a gamepad, and you will not be able to use Desktop Mode. Please use the touch screen to download Armoury Crate SE Installer from the ASUS product support website and reinstall it to restore Desktop Mode functionality.


  • Can I use the Auto Control Mode in Xbox Cloud Gaming?      
    Currently, Auto Mode does not support Xbox Cloud Gaming. You will need to manually switch the Control Mode to Gamepad Mode or Desktop Mode in Command Center.


  • How can I disable the M1 and M2 buttons to avoid triggering them by accident?      
    To change the default hotkey setting, open Armoury Crate SE then choose the Game Profile. Select the M1 and M2 buttons from the list and> deselect the "Set as Secondary Function" checkbox. You can also deselect this option from the global button mapping under Armoury Crate SE’s Settings > Control Mode > Configure.


  • How can I manage the installed games in Armoury Crate SE’s Game Library?      
    Games installed on ROG Ally will be automatically added to Game Library in Armoury Crate SE. If you are not able to find an installed game, enter [Manage Library] then click [Add Game/App to Libtary] to manually add it. You can also remove apps or games you don’t want to see by clicking [Remove from Library] in [Game Options]. Note that removing a game does not uninstall it from your system, it only removes the tile from Armoury Crate SE. To uninstall games, visit the game’s launcher or use Windows’ “Add or Remove Programs” menu. Please refer to Armoury Crate SE Introduction for more information.


  • I deleted a game in Armoury Crate SE, but the game is still installed on my ROG Ally. Why?      
    The delete function in the Armoury Crate SE Game library can only delete the Game Profiles that you have configured for the game. If you want to delete the entire game from your system, please go to Windows’ System Settings > Applications to manually uninstall it. Please refer to [How to uninstall Apps] for more information.


  • I get a pop-up saying that I am running multiple games. What should I do?      
    For a better game experience, we do not recommend running more than two games on the system at the same time, so a prompt will appear when running more than two applications. If you need to run multiple games or applications at the same time (such as: use a browser, background streaming music or other tools while playing, etc.), you can add the application you want to use to the Armoury Crate SE Game Library, go to the app's Game Profile, then choose “Edit Game Info" and check "Allow other games to run simultaneously with this one”.     


  • What do I do when my chosen Control Mode does not activate?      
    After manually switching to Gamepad or Desktop Mode, the entire system will use that control scheme, and the user-defined profiles for each game will be temporarily invalid. Switch back to Auto Mode to regain your custom game profiles.


  • How do I adjust the ROG Ally’s screen color temperature?      
    The ROG Ally’s screen color temperature can be adjusted with the “GameVisual” function in the Armoury Crate SE Settings page. Please refer to Armoury Crate SE Introduction for more information.


  • How can I adjust the lighting of the ROG Ally’s joysticks?      
    The joystick lighting can be adjusted via the "Lighting" function in the Armory Crate SE Settings page. You can configure both color and the lighting effects with this interface. Please refer to Armoury Crate SE Introduction for more information.


  • Does the ROG Ally support Aura Sync? What is the difference between Lighting (Aura Effect) and Aura Sync?      
    Yes, the ROG Ally supports Aura Sync. For the ROG Ally, Lighting (Aura Effect) is mainly used to control the lighting effect of the joysticks. Aura Sync can support synchronization of lighting effects with other ASUS gaming peripherals and with supported games. For details, please refer to ASUS Aura official website.


  • How do I adjust the ROG Ally’s screen brightness?      
    Press the Command Center button to call out the tool menu interface, and then slide the brightness adjustment slider up and down to set the correct brightness.    


  • What should I do when my external controller is not working properly with the ROG Ally?      
    Some games will default to the built-in controller, even if you have another connected. If you encounter this situation, please press the Command Center button to call out the tool menu interface and disabled Embedded Controller. Please also note that ROG Ally can support up to 4 controllers at the same time.    


  • What is the function of the Radeon Image Sharpening (RIS) in Command center?      
    RIS allows users to further enhance the quality of game graphics and textures, without affecting FPS or power usage. To use this feature, open the Command Center and change RIS to "on". Please note that RIS cannot be used simultaneously with Radeon Super Resolution (RSR).       
    More information about AMD RIS please follow this link:


  • What is the function of RSR in Command Center?      
    Radeon™ Super Resolution (RSR) is an in-driver upscaling feature that uses the same algorithm found in AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution (FSR) technology. Since it’s active at the driver level, it’s compatible with many more games, so when FSR is not an option, RSR may be used. With RSR on, you can set a game to 720p in its graphics options, and the graphics chip will upscale the game to 1080P to improve performance while retaining excellent image quality. Games set to 1080p in their graphics settings will not be affected.       
    More information about AMD RSR please follow this link:


  • In Command Center's Real-Time Monitor, what is the difference between APU WATT and BATT Power?      
    APU WATT refers to SOC Consumption power of the CPU and iGPU.        
    BATT Power refers to the total system power draw from the battery, which includes other components like the screen, vibration motors, etc.


  • How can I see the current button mappings?      
    You can view the current key configuration by holding down the Armoury Crate button. Release the AC button to close the window.


  • I pressed the Screen Capture or Screen Recording option, but nothing happened. Why?      
    Armoury Crate Special Edition’s Screen Capture/Screen Recording feature relies on Xbox Game Bar. If the feature does not work, it may be due to an unexpected error with Xbox Game Bar. Please try manually opening Xbox Game Bar by searching for it in the Windows Search Bar or restarting your computer. If the issue persists, we recommend referring to Microsoft's official troubleshooting guide,


  • I’ve performed a Screen Capture or Screen Recording, but the JPG/MP4 image is blank or cropped. How can I resolve this?      
    Screen Capture: If you have any protected content (e.g. Netflix) open on your computer, it may cause the screen capture to appear as a blank screen.       
    Screen Recording: Some games have the recording function disabled by default, and you won't be able to record clips from these games.


  • Why does the Xbox Game Bar pop up when I press Screen Capture or Screen Recording?      
    Usually, when the Xbox Game Bar pops up, it requires you to perform certain actions. Please follow the prompts on the screen (e.g. update, allow content usage) to proceed.


  • How can I change the cover art for my games?      
    To change a game’s cover art, select the game you want to modify in Armoury Crate SE’s Game Library, press “X” to enter the Game Profile page, and find "Edit Game Info" on the bottom left. On the right of the screen, you will see the current cover art. To change it click “Edit” underneath the art to customize.


  • Can the graphics memory size be adjusted on the ROG Ally?     
    Alternatively, you can increase the available graphics memory up to 8GB in Armoury Crate SE. To do so, open Armoury Crate and head to Settings > Operating Mode > GPU  Settings and change graphic memory to auto or 8GB. Restart the device and try launching the game again. 


  • Why can't I control the game normally despite setting the automatic control mode and game profile?
    This issue may arise if the actual game startup file path differs from the default path read by Armory Crate, affecting the game configuration file application. You can select alternative paths under "Game Options>Game Info" and then restart the game for proper configuration. 


  • Why do the game characters, viewpoint, or mouse cursor continue to move even when the ROG Ally is stationary on a flat surface after activating the gyroscope feature? 
    This may be due to some games having a default dead zone setting that is too small. If you encounter this issue, you can adjust the anti-dead zone range smaller in the ACSE gyroscope settings. For example, in the game "Ghostrunner" using ACSE’s default 20% anti-dead zone might cause the gyroscope to be overly sensitive, leading to excessive shaking or jittering. Adjusting the anti-dead zone to 10% can effectively mitigate these issues.


  • Why am I unable to set AMD Radeon™ Super Resolution (RSR) and AMD Fluid Motion Frames (AFMF) in ARMOURY CRATE SE? 
    If you're unable to manage AMD graphics card functions via ARMOURY CRATE SE, run AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition once to restore normal functionality.


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  • What should I do if the joysticks and buttons are not working in Steam’s desktop interface?      
    The joysticks and buttons only work in Steam’s Big Picture Mode. When using Steam’s desktop interface, please open Command Center and manually switch Control Mode to Desktop Mode, then you can use touchscreen or the joysticks and buttons as a mouse to navigate the app.


  • Why does the AMD AFMF function fail to operate correctly after opening Armory Crate SE's control cen...   
    AMD AFMF is AMD's latest frame generation technology. At present, it does not accommodate third-party performance monitoring tools. Enabling any third-party performance monitoring tool that overlays onto the game screen, it will disrupt AFMF functions, including Xbox Game Bar, ACSE's Real-time monitor, and Command Center...etc. If AFMF is activated and you wish to access metrics like FPS, we recommend utilizing AMD Software In-Game Performance Overlay. 


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